Learning beyond classrooms

The classroom is limitless and so are the possibilities. Learning is not confined to the classrooms at CVM. Experiences are extensively drawn from the child’s immediate environment in the early years of teaching-learning. Students go on field trips relevant to the topics and engage in age–appropriate research projects in the school campus. As students move up the grades, they explore real-world phenomena and local and global issues from various perspectives.

Interactive Library space

The library is designed for children to read books in a comfortable and mindful environment. The interactive board in the library facilitates language development for children to build their vocabulary and also learn new words and meaning.

Collaborative learning

Day-to-day learning is collaborative, as are long-term projects, enabling social development and purposeful teamwork.

Sensory Play Area

Our sensory play area facilitates exploration and encourages children to create, investigate and explore while they play.

Co-curricular Activities

Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Yoga and Sports are a part of the child’s holistic experience.


Kindergarten – Grade VII

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