Ms. Ambika. R

Grade 1 Educator

A committed educator with a Master’s degree in English and B. Ed, Ms Ambika enjoys teaching and guiding children. Her classrooms interactive, joyful and enriching for children. She systematically works towards making children gain a good foundation in skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Ms. Archana

Grade 1 Educator and Counselor

Ms. Archana, is a grade 1 facilitator. She holds a Master in Psychology from Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore and a Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education. Energetic and self-motivated, enjoys working with children. She loves to integrate art in teaching. She is a good listener and works patiently with children in order to help them cope when they need support.

Ms. Tanya Lilly

Grade 2 Homeroom Educator

Ms. Tanya is a passionate educator in the field with 8 years of experience in IB and CBSE schools. She believes in creating an environment where every child feels safe to express ideas. Her classes are fun-filled, and interactive. She believes there is learning every day and she looks for opportunities for continuous improvement as an educator.

Ms. Premalatha M

Grade 3 Homeroom Educator

A passionate educator, she is works deeply to create rich learning experiences for children. She has more than decade of experience in CBSE and ICSE schools. She is caring, patient and observant as a teacher. As a homeroom teacher, she lays emphasis on the socio-emotional wellbeing of children.

Ms. Tasnim

Grade 3 Homeroom Educator

Ms Tasnim has over 12 years of experience in teaching. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Secretaryship. She enjoys teaching children in an interactive manner by providing practical learning experiences. She ensures that every child’s learning style is addressed through appropriate activities. She believes in empowering children with skills that contribute to life-long learning.

Ms. Divya T P

Grade 4 Educator

Ms. Divya is a postgraduate in Environmental Science and has taught Physics for over 10 years in CBSE schools. Passionate about teaching science to children, Ms. Divya is keen to bring new perspectives by encouraging the students to ask ‘why’. She believes that a student learns not merely from books but through learning experiences in the classroom and beyond.

Ms. Akshaya Nair

Grade 4 Educator

Ms. Akshaya Nair is an enthusiastic facilitator and has experience across curricula- ICSE, IGCSE, Matric and CBSE. She possesses a BA in English Literature and has studied French. She develops inspiring, experiential lessons that capture a child’s imagination. She has experience of working in inclusive schools. She enjoys working with children and encourages creative expression. She believes that for each child the journey is just as important as the destination and works closely to ensure positive experiences through the journey.

Ms. Shanmugapriya Mahesh

Grade 5 Educator

Ms. Shanmugapriya has 6 years of experience in teaching. She has taught IB, IGCSE & CBSE curriculum. She designs her lessons in way that children experience learning without stress, in a joyful atmosphere. She wishes to continue her journey and is passionate about empowering children with skills that will help them become the future leaders.

Ms. Hemapriya

Grade 6 Educator

Ms. Hemapriya is an English teacher with 14 years’ experience in India and abroad. She uses interesting, engaging, student-centric teaching methods. She believes that it is her responsibility as an educator to empower students with life skills. Debates, presentations and collaborative work are inherent part of her teaching approach. She believes that children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Ms. Thenmozhi

Tamil Language Educator

Ms. Thenmozhi has a Master’s Degree in Tamil and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She has 12 years of teaching experience in Tamil in ICSE and CBSE schools. A lover of Tamil literature, she inspires children to take interest in Tamil through interesting activities and stories. Children learn reading, writing and important Tamil texts like Tshirukural.

Ms. Sathyapriya

ICT Educator

Ms Sathyapriya is a Computer Science Engineer. She has an experience of 3.5 years with IB and CBSE curriculum for primary, middle and high school. Constantly updating on the latest in the field, she enjoys interacting with children and facilitating experiential learning. She mentors and trains children in digital safety.

Mr. Praveen Kumar

Physical Education & Yoga Coach

Mr. Praveen Kumar is a trained PE instructor who has a B.P.Ed, MBA. His passion for sports inspired him to complete Bachelors in Physical Education and join teaching. He has 6 years of experience in this profession. A marathon runner, he has received many accolades at State and National Level. He believes that children should work on fitness for life and make it a part of everyday routine, both at school and home.

Ms. Sinthiya M

Art & Craft

A Master’s in Zoology and an artist, Ms Sinthiya has more than six years of experience in teaching art and craft in CBSE & IGCSE Schools. She is positive, calm and committed towards helping children become creative. As an art teacher, she is able to create the confidence in children in thinking creatively and take pride in their work.

Ms. Dhanya Navin


A Certified Music Teacher with 15+ years of experience, she holds a Master’s degree in Music. She has given more than 30 stage performances. She has experience in organizing a number of school programmes and fests. She believes that Music transcends languages, brings people together regardless of ethnicity or background.

Ms. Sujitha


Ms. Sujitha is an enthusiastic dance teacher and has a Master’s degree in Math. She is skilled in Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Indian contemporary dance forms. She has eight years of experience and believes dance makes children expressive, agile and creative. Children love dance classes and are excited about dance classes.

Ms. Ramyaprabhu


Ms Ramyaprabhu holds a degree in Library Science from Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. She opted to study Library Science as she was passionate about books. She has 4.5 years of experience as a librarian. She ensures that the library at CVM is a happy and cozy place for children to explore their interests and develop a love for reading. She encourages participation of all teachers in inculcating reading habit in children.

Ms. Sarah Montaut

Pre-KG Homeroom Educator

A warm and caring Montessori trained teacher with an experience of 16 years, Ms Sarah loves to explore and understand the child’s individually learning styles and teach in a way children would love to learn. Teaching has always been her passion. She uses play way approach and children connect to school and learning in a very short time as they begin their journey in Pre-KG.

Ms. Heemalathaa

Junior KG Homeroom Educator

Ms. Heemalathaa is an energetic and passionate kindergarten educator with nine years of experience. She is passionate about laying a good foundation for her students to achieve their goals. She integrates music, role play and stimulating games in her teaching and motivates children to learn effectively.

Ms. Cibi

Junior KG Homeroom Educator

Ms. Cibi is a trained Montessori educator with 9 years of experience in pre-primary years. She believes in providing hands-on experiences to children and relates her teaching with real life to make the learning journey a meaningful one. She is an inquisitive educator with a passion for learning through active play and exploration.

Ms. Shanthini

Junior KG Educator

Ms. Shanthini is a motivated, enthusiastic and caring teacher. She enjoys working with children. She wants her children to be successful learners. She invests in time and effort in creating a classroom environment that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to the varied needs of students.

Ms. Preethy U

Senior KG Homeroom Educator

Ms. Preethy holds a Master’s in Software Systems and a Diploma in French. She enjoys working with young children of varied age groups. She firmly believes in hands-on, experiential learning. She is constantly looking for innovative approaches to apply in teaching and learning practices.

Ms. Shera Anver

Senior KG Homeroom Educator

Shera Anver is a competent teacher with teaching experience of over 12 plus years in schools and has diversified experience in other sectors too. She is an experienced career advisor and is open to new learning. As an educator, she strongly believes motivation and creativity will bring the best out of the children and result in a joyful learning.

Ms. Mala. K. B

Senior KG Educator

Ms. Mala is a post graduate in English literature. Trained in Montessori methods of teaching and deeply interested in socio-emotional learning for children, she ensures that the child feels secure and happy in order to be able to learn. She loves to create resources, uses art and craft as a medium to reach and help children learn. She believes in finding ways of keeping her learners motivated to explore new learning.


Kindergarten – Grade VII

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