Science of Parenting Workshop

Parenting Matters was established in 2004. Their mission is to partner with parents to build skills for deeper connection in families. They believe that every parent needs to receive support in raising the next generation. Parents need to have an awareness of what children need most to thrive. In order to achieve this, they create forums, conduct workshops and talks, and write articles for magazines and social networking sites.

The Parenting Matters team has 10 facilitators who are certified parent educators (certified from Echo Parenting and Education, Los Angeles). They work with parents of toddlers to teenagers at varied settings – schools, business organizations and neighborhood groups.

Their Philosophy: Parenting with connection uses information from science along with the best practices from our culture to help raise human beings who are secure, caring, resilient and able to achieve their full potential. They believe that each child and family is unique and hence strive to empower each family/ school in finding their own path.

Their core program aims to provide:

  1. An understanding about the basics of brain development and how a child’s brain is shaped by early experiences including the key role played by caregivers.
  2. Awareness that behaviour is driven by the needs of the child and how identifying and meeting these needs is key to helping children develop and explore ways of meeting those needs whether the child is a toddler or teenager.
  3. Exploring ways of communicating with children – understanding and responding to emotions. The practical communication tools offered, gives care givers an opportunity to handle children’s emotions with empathy and build a deeper connection with them.

Start Time

9:00 am

September 21, 2019

Finish Time

12:00 pm

September 21, 2019


CVM Coimbatore

Event Participants


Kindergarten – Grade VII

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