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Chettinad Vidya Mandir aims to be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Currently, it has classes up to Grade III and is under the process of getting affiliation.
At Chettinad Vidya Mandir, focus is on providing hands-on learning experiences to children through XSEED curriculum from Pre KG to Grade III.
A combination of experiential, explorative and collaborative learning methodologies that are student-centric will be followed at Chettinad Vidya Mandir. The best of Montessori and Waldorf philosophies will be weaved into the teaching-learning process facilitating holistic learning.
The student teacher ratio is 18:1 for Pre-primary and Primary. Each class under various grades will be lead by a Homeroom teacher and one co-teacher will support two grades simultaneously.
The physical and emotional security of children is well taken care of. We provide a positive and a proactive atmosphere where children can trust their teachers and approach them for help. The entrance, exit and the corridors are under CCTV surveillance. School policies ensure child protection within the school premises. Well-trained security officials are deployed at the entrance and exit gates of the school. Our teachers are also trained in child safety measures.
There will be no homework given until Grade II. Children need time to explore physically and socially through proper play and adequate rest. For other grades, homework is given based on the need. In order to consolidate the learning in school, alternatives to homework will be assigned, which may involve reading, collection of facts, projects, research etc.
Students will be exposed to sensorial exploration in JKG which will prepare them to write. Drawing and free-writing activities will be introduced in JKG as pre-writing skills. The school believes in the philosophy of “following the child” and in facilitating unhurried childhood. Proper writing with understanding will be given to children as soon as they are ready for it. School will have regular observation of children and most of the activities will be planned based on the child’s development.
Field trips are an extension to the learning that happens at school. The number of field trips will be decided based on the need and will be spread throughout the year.
The medium of instruction at Chettinad Vidya Mandir is English. However, the children will be made comfortable initially in their own language until they are ready to completely communicate in English.
The parents can meet the teachers on the first and third Thursday of every month, after school hours. There will be one meeting at the end of every month for the parents to know what the child has learnt throughout the month.
After-school services will be provided to parents on request and availing such services will involve charges.
Co-curricular activities like theatre (from SKG), Dance, Music and Art are planned so far for the children. The school plans to bring-in many such activities in due course of time for the holistic development of children.
Extra-curricular activities are not currently offered to children. They will be scheduled from grade IV after school hours.
Teachers at Chettinad Vidya Mandir are experienced and professionally well-qualified. The school continuously plans for professional development for teachers to upgrade their skill set and to align them with the expectations of the organization.

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