Ms. Vijaya Parameshwaran Iyer


A passionate educator with a total of 27 years of experience with 17 years as Principal of reputed ICSE and CBSE schools in India. A post graduate in Psychology, she lays emphasize on socio-emotional wellness to support the development of children. Passionate about student-centred teaching- learning, she has trained teachers in progressive teaching methods. She believes her role as a principal is an opportunity to transform individuals to be caring and compassionate. Through her holistic approach to learning, she looks forward to creating strong, resilient, open-minded, happy children who grow into responsible, loving individuals.

Ms. Surya G. S.

Academic Coordinator

An enthusiastic and passionate educator with 8 years of experience in IB, Cambridge and CBSE schools, Surya is an engineering graduate in Computer Science. She started her career in the IT field and soon realised teaching was her calling. She began her career as a PYP facilitator in an IB school. She believes in creating a classroom environment where students can be comfortable in making mistakes, where they can feel trusted to explore different ways to learn.

Ms. Annapoorani. P

Event Coordinator, Purna Vidya & Hindi Language Educator

A graduate in Hindi and an enthusiastic, diligent educator, she has 12 years of experience in CBSE schools. She is a good listener, understands student problems and supports them well. As an event coordinator, she plans the assemblies, events and celebrations, Annual days and other important days in the calendar ensuring a holistic learning experience for all children.

Ms. Vinotha Devi P

Grade 1 & 2 Lead, Grade II Homeroom Educator

A dedicated educator with over four years of experience in teaching, she is passionate about creating lifelong learning. Diligent and creative, she loves to create thought-provoking and inspiring classrooms. As a lead teacher, she supports the teachers of grades 1 and 2 on curriculum design, planning and implementation.


Kindergarten – Grade VII

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