Chettinad Vidya Mandir in Coimbatore was founded with the goal of creating a joyful learning environment where children can express themselves freely and learn without inhibition.

The school’s mission is to provide children with 21st-century skills through a comprehensive and progressive curriculum.

We at Chettinad educate children to value the resources available by promoting sustainable management. The teaching-learning process stimulates a sense of wonder and curiosity. We believe in an unhurried childhood and try to reason out, ‘why we are doing what we are doing.’

Events and celebrations are important and add a lot of value. They instil in our children an appreciation for our rich Indian culture. Children understand the value of treating others with respect, gratitude, care and compassion. Enriching programmes encourage children to work together to create meaningful experiences both among themselves and with their teachers.

We help children develop positive self-esteem by teaching them how to persevere, adapt, and transform. Children are empowered to think globally and act locally.

At Chettinad Vidya Mandir, we help children develop into lifelong progressive thinkers who can contribute to the community while also being aware of their actions as responsible global citizens. We want to make this journey a memorable and enriching one for our stakeholders.

Ms Vijaya Iyer



Kindergarten – Grade VII

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