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Ms. Surya G. S.

Academic Coordinator

An enthusiast and a passionate educator with 8 years of teaching experience in IB, Cambridge and CBSE schools. She is an engineering graduate in Computer Science who began her career in IT, however it was after working as an IB PYP facilitator that she truly found work that was fulfilling and rewarding. She believes in creating a classroom environment where students can be comfortable in making mistakes, where they can feel the trust with the peer group and teacher, and also to explore the different avenues of learning. She attributes her enrichment as an educator to three important things: her interaction with the children, journey as a learner and a facilitator who inspires both teachers and students for a learning beyond classrooms.

Ms. Chitrapriya

Coordinator of Kindergarten & Grade 1 Homeroom Facilitator

Highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator with a rich and varied experience of over 9 years. Ms Chitrapriya’s goal is to see all her children as successful learners. She is also accustomed working in a multi-cultural environment and dealing with children with varied needs. She owns a strong track record fostering child-centered curriculum and student creativity.

Ms. Vinotha Devi P

Grade 1 & 2 Lead Teacher & Grade II Homeroom Facilitator

Ms. Vinotha Devi is an enthusiastic, dedicated facilitator and a lifelong learner with four years of experience in teaching. She is a facilitator with compassion, aptitude to remain flexible, to communicate effectively and support children to be successful learners. She works to create a thought-provoking and inspiring classroom environment.

Ms. Annapoorani. P

Event Coordinator, Purna Vidya Facilitator & Grade 3 Language Teacher

A dynamic facilitator with 12 years of experience in CBSE school. Ms Annapoorani is a committed and authentic individual. As a facilitator she has the ability to listen and understand student’s challenges and facilitate them accordingly. She is sensitive to the feelings of every child.

Ms. Tasnim

Grade 3 Homeroom Facilitator

Ms Tasnim with over 12 years of experience in teaching. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Secretaryship and has completed her B.Ed. She enjoys teaching children in an interactive manner by providing practical learning experiences. She ensures that every child’s learning style and abilities are addressed. She believes in providing children with skills that contribute to life-long learning.

Ms. Tanya Lilly

Grade 2 Homeroom Facilitator

Ms. Tanya is a passionate educator in the field with 8 years of experience in IB and CBSE schools. She believes that a facilitator creates an environment where every child feels at ease to express their ideas. She wishes to inspire students to become culturally rooted with values, ethical and compassionate. She believes every day is a learning experience and she always looks around for opportunities to better herself as an educator.

Ms. A. Gayathri

Grade 1 Homeroom Facilitator

Ms. Gayathri is a passionate educator with four years of teaching experience in IB and IGCSE schools. She is an engineer by qualification but decided to take up her desire to become an educator. She is focused on implementing highly effective instructional practices to improve student learning and performance. She is very proud of being able to encourage and help her children on their path to achieve what they set out to do.

Ms. Premalatha M

Grade 3 Homeroom Facilitator

Ms. Premalatha is an organized educator who has a strong passion for her students and is committed to expanding education beyond the classroom into every facet of a child’s life. She has an experience of thirteen years in CBSE and ICSE schools. She is caring, patient and observant as a teacher.

Ms. Divya T P

Grade 4 Facilitator

Ms. Divya is a postgraduate in Environmental Science and is a trained teacher in Physical science with over 10years of experience in handling CBSE syllabus. With extensive experience in teaching science subject to children of all ages, Ms. Divya is  keen to bring out new perspectives of the subject by encouraging the students to ask ‘why’? She strongly believes that a student must evolve not only through the knowledge from books but also from out the box thinking.

Ms. Ishwarya

Grade 4 Facilitator

Ms. Ishwarya has completed her Masters of Education with a major in Biochemistry. She holds a Diploma in Montessori Education too. She values creating an inquiry-based classroom that develops critical thinking skills, problem solving and creative approach. She has a passion for teaching students to achieve their goals by building confidence and instilling a growth mind set. It is her goal to ensure every student feels a sense of belonging and is equipped with the necessary tools to develop their knowledge and the pleasure of learning.

Ms. Shanmugapriya Mahesh

Grade 5 Facilitator

Ms. Shanmugapriya has 6 years of experience in teaching. She has taught IB, IGCSE & CBSE curriculum. She is always ready to learn different strategies and implement with children to make them experience the learning, without stress and create a joyful atmosphere. She is committed to her profession and will always try to focus on catering to all types of learners. She wishes to continue her journey and guide the future young leaders of our society with enthusiasm & joy.

Ms. Hemapriya

Grade 6 Facilitator

Ms. Hemapriya is an English language teacher with an experience of over 14years in various roles both in India and abroad. She is facilitates teaching by nurturing students in a thought-provoking manner to maximize the potential of every child. She believes that it is her responsibility as an educator to empower students to learn more about life skills. Her philosophy is best described in these words by Margaret Mead, ‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think’.

Ms. Agnes Beatrice

ICT Facilitator

Ms. Agnes Beatrice has a Master’s degree in computer applications and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. With over 10 years of experience, Ms Agnes is facilitating ICT curriculum at Chettinad Vidya mandir for children of primary and middle school. She is enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated to provide students with various abilities to master skills and become responsible members of the community. She is an inquisitive educator with a passion for learning through active technology support and exploration.

Ms. Thenmozhi

Grade 2 Language Facilitator

Ms. Thenmozhi has a Master’s Degree in Tamil and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She has 12 years of teaching experience Tamil in ICSE and CBSE schools. She inspires children to learn the language by creating interesting activities and stories. She is organized and meticulous as a teacher.

Ms. Ambika. R

Grade 1 Facilitator

An organized educator with a Master’s degree in English and Bachelor’s degree in Education (B. Ed), Ms Ambika enjoy teaching and guiding children. She works towards making the classroom interactive, joyful and enriching for the children. She is a team player interested in communicating complex information in a simple and versatile manner to the students. She is committed and dedicated towards the development and focuses in imparting the basic values of life to the students.

Ms. Akshaya Nair

Primary & Reading Program Facilitator

Ms. Akshaya Nair is an enthusiastic facilitator and has taught primary grades in different curriculum like ICSE, IGCSE, Matric and CBSE. She possess a BA in English Literature with a minor in French. An accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a child’s imagination and bring success. She is accustomed to working in a multicultural environment that emphasizes inclusion. Thoroughly enjoys working with children and encourages creative expression. She believes that when we tell children that their journey is just as important as the destination, they take the time to wander, discover and understand themselves.

Ms. Shera Anver

Senior KG Homeroom Facilitator

An extremely competent teacher with successful teaching experience of nearly 12 plus years into schools and have diversified experience in other sectors too. Passion for facilitating children with superior communication skills and knowledge is her vision. She holds a high discipline as a career advisor and is always keen to grasp new ideas and concepts quickly that centers to her professional growth.

Ms. Preethy U

Senior KG Homeroom Facilitator

Ms. Preethy holds a Master’s in Software Systems and a Diploma in French. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Education. She adores teaching and has worked with children of varied age groups and children with learning disabilities. She firmly believes in hands-on, experiential learning. She is facilitating Sr KG in Chettinad vidya Mandir and she would like to inspire her children and ignite their imagination to explore and instil love for learning by being a dynamic and conscientious teacher.

Ms. Mala. K. B

Senior KG Facilitator

Ms. Mala is a post graduate in English literature. She has found joy as a teacher for the past six years. She is experienced in Montessori methods of teaching which enhances and specializes in identifying the uniqueness in every child. She uses varied resources to make learning an interesting activity for children. Her classes are conducted with the use of props, ppt, topic related videos and craft. She aims on ensuring that each child feels secure and happy.

Ms. Cibi

Junior KG Homeroom Facilitator

Ms. Cibi is a passionate facilitator with 9 years of experience in the pre primary section. She is a trained Montessori teacher with thorough knowledge of Montessori curriculum. She believes in providing hands-on experiences to children and relates her teaching with real life experiences to make the learning journey a joyful one.

Ms. Heemalathaa

Junior KG Homeroom Facilitator

Ms. Heemalathaa is an energetic and passionate kindergarten educator with nine years of experience. She is extremely motivated to set up a good path for her students to achieve their goals. She is delighted to see her children shaping the skills & competencies to adapt to this dynamic & challenging world. She integrates music, role play and stimulating games in her teaching that motivates the children to learn effectively.

Ms. Shanthini

Junior KG Facilitator

Ms. Shanthini is highly motivated, enthusiastic, and caring teacher. She thoroughly enjoys working with children. She wants her children to be successful learners. She invests in creating a classroom environment that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to the varied needs of students.

Ms. Sarah Montaut

Pre KG Homeroom Facilitator

A warm and caring Kindergarten, Montessori trained teacher with an experience of 16 years, Ms Sarah wants all her children to be successful learners by ensuring that every child’s learning styles and ability are addressed. Teaching has been a passion and a pleasure. She believes that as a facilitator she likes to sow the seeds of Intelligence, water them with knowledge and weed out ignorance and wait patiently for the result.

Ms. Sowmiya Priya V S

Pre KG Homeroom Facilitator

Ms. Sowmiya Priya is a passionate Kindergarten facilitator with two years of experience. She believes that, ‘A child might forget what we say but they will never forget how we make them feel.’ Being empathetic and creative, she intends to learn, create, traverse, assist and contribute to the holistic development of young minds by curating a safe environment.

Ms. Dhanya Navin

Music Coach

A Certified Music Teacher with 15+ year of experience. She has given more than 30 stage performances. She teaches music to the children. She has experience in organizing a number of school programmes and fests. She holds a Master degree in Music and she enjoys motivating the children with different genres of music.

Ms. Sujitha

Dance Coach

Ms. Sujitha is an enthusiastic dance teacher. Although she has completed her Master’s degree in Math, she follows her passion to teach dance to children. She is skilled in Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Indian contemporary dance forms. She has eight years of experience and is passionate in moulding the students physically and mentally by kindling their creativity through dance.

Ms. Sinthiya M

Art & Craft Facilitator

A Master’s in Zoology but following her passion as an artist, Ms Sinthiya has more than six years of experience in CBSE, IGCSE Schools, teaching children art and craft. She is resilient, positive, calm and committed towards her profession. As an art teacher she is able to maximise a student’s artistic achievements.

Mr. Praveen Kumar

Physical Education & Yoga Coach

Mr. Praveen Kumar has completed his MBA in HR. His passion for sports inspired him to complete Bachelors in Physical Education and join teaching. He has 6 years of experience in this profession. He is an Ultra Marathon runner and has received many accolades at State and National Level.

Mr. Ramaseshan


Mr. Ramaseshan holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and a degree in Library Science from Alagappa University. He has completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation from Hyderabad University. Being a Commerce Graduate he took the library profession for the passion towards books. He has received the Best Librarian Award from D K International Research Foundation in the year 2018 for the contribution in the field of library and information science for 18 years. He is highly interested to support learning of children by promoting enjoyment and excitement about reading books. He encourages the participation of teachers to discuss the quality of the equilibrium of the library collections.


Kindergarten – Grade VII

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